SMARTER skincare, for full-body CONFIDENCE.

Skip the multi-step routines and endless products!

WELLFIT offers three unique skincare treatments deigned with clinically proven ingredients - HYDRATE, LIFT, and RECOVER. Whether enjoyed individually or combined with other wellness services, each treatment is tailored to restore, revive, and recover the skin's health. With WELLFIT customizable spray system, skincare is effortless, offering visible results you can feel and see!

Spray Skincare Products from WellFit v3

Quench your dry, thirsty skin with WELLFIT HYDRATE, a moisture-defining formula that goes deep to replenish dehydrated skin. Experience rapid hydration in under 2 minutes, leaving your skin supple and irresistibly baby soft!

Fermented fractions of hyaluronic acid hydrates, moisturizes, and repairs the skin barrier. Optimizes everyday skincare product performance. Targets multiple skin layers for proven 24HR hydration.


Spray Skincare WellFit v2

Give your skin a little support! Plump your cheeks and tighten your thighs. Discover a full-body firming experience with WELLFIT LIFT. This simple solution tightens and strengthens your skin, delivering all the firm plumpness you desire. 


 Visibly reduces fine lines by 33% for noticeably firmer skin. Revolutionary collagen boosting treatment easily absorbs restoring collagen at the cellular level. Promotes and restructures the skin matrix for plumper skin. 

Spray Skincare Product from WellFit

Give your skin a pick me up! WELLFIT RECOVER refuels fatigued skin by replenishing essential electrolytes needed for nourished healthy skin. Bounce back from a busy day by treating yourself to a refreshing experience that will energize your sensations while enhancing your skin's overall appearance!


Refuels vital electrolytes & amino acids lost due to physical activity, for restorative health. Essential minerals restructure the skin barrier for vibrancy, improved elasticity, and smoother texture. Cooling sensation for an instant revitalizing recovery experience.

Spray Skincare with Tanning System from WellFit v2

WellFit Skin Care

WellFit Icon Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, WellFit spray skincare solutions were designed with complementing ingredients that are further optimized when experienced together.

No, no preparation is needed prior to a WellFit session as our solutions were created to complement your everyday skincare routine.

WellFit spray skincare solutions were engineered to enhance all varieties of skin types. All solutions are made with natural ingredients that are always Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, and Non-Comedogenic.

As often as you'd like! WellFit spray skincare solutions can be used daily, with results being amplified by frequent use. Plus, using repeatedly will provide better performance from your common at home skincare.

Yes, WellFit Skincare Solutions pairs well with other forms of skin treatments such as red light therapy, infrared sauna, sauna pods, steam pods, spray tanning, and sunbed tanning. Plus, WellFit solutions can be used daily so they seamlessly integrate with your treatment schedule.

A WellFit skincare session is complete in less than 2 minutes, making it a convenient option for head-to-toe skincare application. The VersaSpa PRO booth will provide voice guidance for the easy front and back stances.

WellFit advanced spray formulas were created to revolutionize skincare application, with seamless and convenient head-to-toe coverage, providing all-over skin health. The solutions each have unique molecular weights for optimized absorption.

Yes, we recommend using HYDRATE, RECOVER, and LIFT following your spray tan session for the most ideal results. We would not recommend using more than one spray skincare option at a time in combination with a spray tan as the skin may have trouble absorbing the treatments.

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